Tachibana Corp.

interactive - determinative waifu function // Generating the image of the gynefuture.


music - ep // Macrocosm, dirges of anastrophe.


music - album // First musical collaboration and the start of Lapsed Catholics.

Sol Hemochroma

video game - canadian alchemy // A lost adaptation of 80s teen horror and municipal politics.

Subserial Network

video game - join with the terminal // Explore the mesh network of the post-singularity.


podcast - video game metajournalism // Introducing a podcast about game journalism and our ongoing discussions on interactive media.


video game - four minds, one body // Your first day on the job in the last days before singularity.

Arc Symphony

video game - usenet fandom simulator // Do you remember Arc Symphony?


video game - sentient decay // Conversations with the reaper in beautiful CGA.

Sonic OC 7

video game - possessed computer role-players // Engage in your least secret dreams with a completely normal Macintosh Performa.