Welcome back.

It's 2050, and nothing is different. While we know the ongoing global financial reconstruction has rearranged nearly every aspect of our lives, we can safely insist that Ambiture is still an economic steward worldwide, and the epitome of corporate governance.

Your time on the virtual colony of Wolf 1061c, the real-time agricultural simulator, has left you a little disoriented. Supervisors are here to help guide you.

Your mission will be to secure ore resources from Mercury. Strategy dictates our next move is a post-global economy—though we know market signals have been difficult to decipher for several decades.

Ignore the orphans.

We are aware that uncanny biomechanical constructs are terrorising our deployment centres. Please consult a supervisor if any suspicious entities question you about recent dreams, desires, or paranoid delusions.

Ignore the voices.

We are aware of reports of hallucinated "voices" from fellow members of your cohort. Please refrain from attempting to co-operate with said voices. When in doubt, ask a supervisor.

There is no tunnel.

There is no human mass of your supposed ancestors welcoming you home into a thought-pool. There is no endless "we" as you collect your descendants. There is no post-individual dream world. If you have any further questions, please consult a supervisor. We look forward to you on your first shift, and thanks for joining Ambiture.

A novella.

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