hello, i'm matilde park

I'm a web developer and interactive media artist in Toronto.

I've made games.

I was co-owner, CEO, creative director, and developer for Aether Interactive, an experimental narrative video game company. We worked with companies like Humble to publish our games with full creative control and received attention from Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer, Game Informer, Wired, Boing Boing, and beyond.

I'm a web tinkerer.

I like to make designs, layouts, animations -- not just with websites, but with video games that leverage web technologies and web-based desktop applications, too. Our games were built on Twine and customised further: in-engine JavaScript hacking, Node.js and Electron. My current work is on GitHub.

Let's talk!

I don't just do tech stuff -- I've made music as part of Lapsed Catholics, I write on new and interactive media (as seen on this site's blog) -- but I'm also available for whatever you like. Just let me know.