hello, i'm matilde park

["software developer"] in Toronto


I was co-owner, creative director, and developer for Aether Interactive, an experimental narrative video game company. We worked with companies like Humble to publish our games with full creative control, and received mentions from the Independent Games Festival, as well as outlets like Kotaku, Polygon, PC Gamer, Game Informer, Wired, Boing Boing, and beyond.


I'm interested in the burgeoning decentralised web; "play" and user interfaces; enacting stories through interfaces; and rethinking the role and social integration of personal computers in our everyday lives. Hobby projects include helping build a solarpunk clubhouse, and right now I'm working on Martian technology.


I've made music as part of Lapsed Catholics, I write on (new || interactive) media (history || theory) — and I'm around for interesting opportunities. Let me know?