self-reconstitution // Archetypal construct supplied as desired.


interaction and limitation // Every line of code becomes the instinct of a new breed.

Fragment on the Associative Auteur

la compositrice informatiquement // The GPT-2 is such a fascinating director.

Of Humans and Daemons: Channelling the Network

unconscious // Thoughts on the psychological and religious macrocosm of the Internet.

Introduction to Podcast Production

four hours in a DAW // Step by step, how I produce podcasts.

All Our Asias explores memory, culture, and the limits of artifice

game criticism // Old interfaces as artificial mediators with ancestors.

In defense of Mass Effect: Andromeda and other messy games

game criticism // As previously published on Polygon.

Introducing Aether Interactive

new companies, same gynoid // A life update about a new company.

I'm not a pod: 1956's Invasion of the Body Snatchers

film history // One of the first critically acclaimed beautiful messes.

The Sound Auteur: Alan Splet and the Sound of a Signature

film history // Imagine a world in which we grouped the films we watched by their sound designers.