I’m a software developer and interactive media artist based in Toronto. I’m interested in decentralised systems, translating “play” into new contexts and constraints, and enacting stories across mediums. Currently I’m helping build Urbit with Tlon.

Previously, I’ve written and directed video games with Aether Interactive, a game development company that created experimental narratives with computer interfaces. Our games, as well as my side projects, can be found on itch.io. I’ve also written and performed music as a member of Lapsed Catholics.

I have an academic background in film and media theory + history; I apply it with interests in systems thinking, cybernetics, and science fiction on this blog.

As a hobby, I write reviews for albums and films, and take photos in my spare time, too.


switch(format) {
    case "social media" {
        case "fediverse" {
            return "matilde@social.sunshinegardens.org"
        case "twitter" {
            return "@matildepark_"
    case "xmpp" {
        return "matilde.park@sunshinegardens.org"
    case "urbit" {
        return "~haddef-sigwen"
    case "scuttlebutt" {
        return "@3tW9U2Q4cRLR1QPOKVHBCtRF8kmeRONocyaLC7JKYik=.ed25519"
    case "email" {
        return "matilde@park.computer"