Self-portrait, released under a CC-BY 4.0 license.

I’m a software developer and interactive media artist currently based in Toronto.

Previously, I’ve written and directed video games with Aether Interactive, a game development company that created experimental narratives with computer interfaces. Our games, as well as my side projects, can be found on itch.io. I’ve also written and performed music as a member of Lapsed Catholics.

I have an academic background in film and media theory + history; I’m ongoingly applying that knowledge base with an interest in systems thinking, cybernetics, and science fiction. I believe strongly in decentralised systems.

As a hobby I also write reviews for albums and films and take photos in my spare time.


switch(format) {
    case "social media" {
        case "fediverse" {
            return "matilde@social.sunshinegardens.org"
        case "twitter" {
            return "@matildepark_"
    case "matrix" {
        return "@matilde:sunshinegardens.org"
    case "scuttlebutt" {
        return "@3tW9U2Q4cRLR1QPOKVHBCtRF8kmeRONocyaLC7JKYik=.ed25519"
    case "email" {
        return "matilde@park.computer"