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Hello, I’m Matilde Park. I’m an interactive media artist and developer based out of Montréal, Québec.Previously: Toronto, Vancouver. I’m a strong generalist, the dreaded “creative technologist,” predominantly leading teams in self-owned, creative and professional environments across tech. In general I’m interested in playful interfaces, products that recontextualise the role of computers in our lives, and experimenting with the interface as a storytelling medium.

I’m a cofounder of High Dimensional Research, building software for (and between) artificial intelligence models. We believe that a future with many feature-consolidated models requires model-agnostic software to properly enable users to direct emerging autonomous agents.

I was director of Reciprocal Ltd, an interactive design and development studio, from 2022-2023. I previously served at Tlon, leading the userspace team for the Urbit peer-to-peer network from 2019-2021.

Before that, I wrote and directed video games with Aether Interactive, creating experimental narratives using interface tropes, from 2017-2019. I’ve also written and performed music as a member of Lapsed Catholics; and produced one novella, Teleceph.


July 2023: Dissolved Reciprocal
March 2023: Cofounded High Dimensional Research
June 2022: Founded Reciprocal
August 2021: Departed Tlon Corporation
June 2019: Started contract with Tlon Corporation
October 2018: Aether Interactive disbanded
May 2017: Founded Aether Interactive
April 2016: Graduated from University of Toronto


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