Introducing Aether Interactive

What is Aether Interactive?

Do you mean literally? Well, in that case, Aether Interactive began as a throwaway name for a 1990s JRPG company that me and Penelope came up with.

After Arc Symphony came out, it became apparent that people who liked our interactive were interested in continuing the mythology through physical goods: stickers, apparel, more fake jewel cases … however, as an artist producing and selling physical goods, I had no idea how to navigate the tax system in Ontario.

After some consultation it became apparent that founding a business would be beneficial for tax purposes regarding the production of my interactives as well as related physical paraphernalia for potential sale. Separating my personal expenses and income from a business just made prudent sense.

As I began forming Aether Interactive, however, I also found it to be a valuable opportunity to express what it is I aim for when I create; to draft up a mission for works under the Aether banner as well as a potential base for a future collective with likeminded contributors.

That is, the creation of empathetic, accessible, and compassionate interactives; especially interactives that privilege deconstruction of nostalgia in the service of these aims, often including technological analogies to real-world experiences.

Thus Aether lives.

Aether Interactive is a game development company based in Toronto, Ontario. I serve as its all-purpose gynoid. Hooray!