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Made in Twine over a week in very late 2016. Based upon a design document drafted in early 2016 by Sophia Park. Development and writing by Sophia Park. Art direction (indeed, all the art!) by Arielle Grimes. “pxplusibmcga” font by VileR is used under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license. Sound design by Emilie Sovis.

Source code

Available here.


I definitely drew up a design doc for this around Feburary 2016, but it was for a completely different kind of interactive. You could see where my mind was:

I never actually did anything about it for a few months. The trouble was that I wanted it to be a meditative, top-down adventure game. 16-bit. I wanted to learn Game Maker to do it. So I chased a few tutorials, got a license for Game Maker, installed Parallels on my Mac to run it, and went down that hole for a while. But in the burnout I had after university, it never quite came together.

Sometime in the middle of my first after-university job, I decided to experiment with Twine and use some of these ideas. My partner Arielle was game for making the assets and art direction. We would co-produce it.

One tweet started it all in August 2016:

Arielle posted a teaser of the assets as she worked on them:

And once again, the project languished. I had developed the start sequence over a weekend. Another spare weekend got me to rig up the interface in a way that didn’t seem to break. But taking ideas and making them into a story, which is really at the heart of a Twine, was the major difficulty.

Nothing happened until the last week of December 2016, when Arielle and I resolved to wrap it up and give it a big push. She provided all the other assets, made them loop beautifully with Spriter, and I created a few loops, took out that old design doc, and got to thinking about how to present this world, however briefly.

The more I wrote, the more I was aware of how bleak it was. But I felt very detached from it. I had been carrying these ideas for so long that they were just ideas again. I wondered how anyone else would take it.

Here’s what it actually looks like in the Twine editor:

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