Web Portfolio

While my projects page contains an overview of my creative output as a developer and as an artist, I also wanted to include a separate space where some of my web projects could live distinct from my work in interactive media.

Tachibana Corp.

Front-end and user interface for collaboration producing TensorFlow and GAN-produced anime images. Jekyll (static site generator with Liquid templates), jQuery.


This website. 👋

Jekyll, SCSS. Source on GitHub.

GW2 Discord bot

Chatbot that stores API keys for each user locally, and provides character specialisation trees for Guild Wars 2, chaining several API requests before replying helpfully. Good robot. Node.js. Source on GitHub.

Fediverse feed viewer web application

Fediverse feed viewer, parsing your social media profile on the fediverse, taking the router as an argument. React.js. Source on GitHub.