curriculum vitae

I’m a software and interactive media developer. My professional work has so far been focused on executing front-end and creating self-contained developer onboarding products. My narrative work emphasises an interest in formal experimentation across computer interfaces and recontextualising experience into components of the posthuman.

freelance work

Designing and executing userspace software for Urbit, an operating system and peer-to-peer network built from scratch, using React and Hoon. I also write and present talks when required regarding the operating system, user interface, and our design theory more generally; participate in communications and product sprints internally several times per year, and represent the project at conferences.

Recently I executed a redesign for all Urbit websites in late 2019. When needed, I serve as a general developer for projects in other departments.

interactive projects and selected media coverage

Sol Hemochroma — 4 September 2018

Producer, narrative design, additional programming.

Subserial Network — 1 June 2018

Project direction, lead writer, additional programming and art assets. First published as part of the Humble Monthly.

LOCALHOST — 25 August 2017

Development, production, narrative design.

Arc Symphony — 15 May 2017

Development, production, narrative design.

Forgotten — 31 December 2016

All development, production, and narrative design.

Sonic OC 7 - 31 December 2015

All development, production and narrative design.


Critical Decentralisation Cluster, Chaos Communication Congress - 30 December 2019

“Designing a communal computing interface” talk during the Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, Germany.

Arts Intersections Meetup - 21 November 2017

Speculative fiction talk with Cara Mumford and Karl Schroeder.

Additional microtalks given at Dames Making Games in January 2017 and July 2017.

exhibitions and awards

Independent Games Festival Nuovo Award (Honourable Mention) – 20 March 2019

Aether Interactive received an honourable mention for Subserial Network.

Damage Camp - 13 Sep 2018

Showed Sol Hemochroma in the Damage Camp arcade.

Bit Bazaar x Yami-Ichi - 13-14 Jul 2018

Showed Subserial Network.

Bit Bazaar - 25-27 Aug 2017

Showed LOCALHOST and Arc Symphony.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival - 13-14 May 2017

Showed Forgotten and previewed Arc Symphony as part of the Comics X Games Arcade.

Toronto Long Winter - 24 March 2017

Showed Forgotten as part of the Hand Eye Society Arcade.

other creative projects

Charity — 19 April 2019

EP with Lapsed Catholics. Co-songwriting and composition, performance (guitar, keyboards, some bass guitar, and vocals), production and mastering.

Hetaera — 14 December 2018

Album with Lapsed Catholics. Co-songwriting and composition, performance (some guitar, vocals), co-production.


University of Toronto — Honours Bachelor of Arts

Cinema Studies specialist degree with a minor in English literature.

leadership roles

Dames Making Games — Co-Director (2017 - 2018)