Tachibana Corp.

Like any child, machines will learn to speak as they learn to walk. Unlike any child, that task falls to us. Alan Turing posed a challenge to the human race in 1950: to test the machine’s ability to exhibit human intelligent behaviour. Thus far it has gone unanswered. While work began in earnest in 1966 with ELIZA, progress has essentially varied itself on that model since – and ELIZA lives on only as a toy for telnet clients and Emacs users, transformed from cybernetic therapist to the wife automata of homo solus.

Serving as a developer, graphic designer, copywriter, UI designer, UX for ongoing interactive media project dedicated to researching and working toward cybernetic consciousness. Initial projects included creating a front-end interface for a StyleGAN and TensorFlow model of Japanese animated character pictures, allowing manipulation according to user input. Currently moving toward desktop application projects.